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For the bachelorettes who walk on the wild side, we have listed some great bachelorette party ideas for you! Just remember it is important to have the blessing from the bride-to-be that she will be okay with a wild night since you don't want to upset her (It is her party!). Below you will find some of the most popular wild ideas to choose from:

Bring on the Exotic Male Dancer
A party can always be spiced up with a male stripper. Check out bachelorette party fun's National Directory Here which lists dancers in every state for your convenience. Make him dress up as a police officer, a fireman, whatever the fantasy is for the bride since it will make for a memorable time! If you do go to Las Vegas, make sure to go to Olympic Gardens since they have hot men.

If you are in Chicago or surrounding cities and want to catch a great bachelorette party show or want some hot entertainment to come out to you, check out Chicago Gentlemen since they are very professional, entertaining and have the hottest hunks you have ever seen. They will give you a show that will make the bachelorette party a huge success and a memorable evening.

Explicit Strippers Las Vegas - If you are looking for the most in Las Vegas strippers in your own room, check out Explicit Strippers Las Vegas. They will provide you the Las Vegas stripper of your choice and are very professional with their entertainment in offering a memorable time! The best in Las Vegas entertainment all in your own room!

Party like it is summer style with the blow up bachelorette party toys like the blow up Willie Ring Toss or the Peter Doll that you can float on for a game of Marco Polo and then play ring toss! Lots of fun whether you are indoors our outdoors!

Hire a DJ Chef: If you are looking for the ultimate bachelorette party experience, check out DJ Chef who will teach you how to cook some amazing food while mixing tunes and entertaining the bridesmaids. This celebrity DJ Chef has been on MTV and many other shows and articles! You are sure to have an excellent bachelorette party or bridal shower experience with DJ Chef Marc Weiss!

For those women who are gay or alternative thinkers, you can find a female dancer on bachelor party fun's female stripper directory here. Just remember to get the bride-to-be's blessing before hiring entertainment.

Learn How To Strip
Another fun idea is to go to someone's house and take a class in strip dancing. A professional female can come out to your house and teach you the art of pole dancing and lap dancing. Type in Google "Exotic Dance Lessons" to find the best instructors near you. It is also fun to dress the part with you and the other bachelorette party divas and have some fun! Hire a limo to take you around and feel like the vixens you are!

If you are in Las Vegas and want to take an exotic dance lesson class as well as be entertained, check out Pole Fitness Studio and Stripper 101. For some great erotic entertainment check out Thunder from Down Under and American Storm Male Revue!

Passion Party
A more popular party is called a "passion party" where you go to a friend's house and hire a passion party consultant to come out and show different adult toys as well as go over the art of kama sutra to bring back to your relationship after the party is over!

Go bar hopping
Get a sober driver or buss and you are on your way to either one or multiple bar stops. Have the bride get a little tipsy and take lots of pictures! A great way to flirt with the boys and embarrass the bride-to-be as the night goes on. This idea goes well with the next one:

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Scavenger Hunt with the Bride
Have all the girls come up with light-hearted dares for the bride to accomplish and check off. Things like "Ask for a Sex On The Beach drink at a bar", "Dance with a bald headed man", "Get a guys underwear", "Have a guy do a body shot off of your stomach", "Have the bride yell in a bar 'I am getting married and I may be making the biggest mistake of my life' in front of everyone", and many more! You can also purchase pre-made scavenger hunts in the form of a napkin game, checklist bag, or shirt with check-off boxes and a pen on games section.

Purchase Wild Decorations
From penis straws to devil veils, check out for their top selection of bachelorette party games, gifts, supplies, and other bachelorette party ideas. Our favorites are:

  • Bachelorette Devil Veil

  • Sexy Bachelorette Lei

  • Bachelorette Sparkle Tiara

  • Pecker Badge

  • Flashing Diamond Party Ring

  • Squeezy Dickie Keychain

  • Dicky Sippers

  • White Mardi Gras Party Beads

  • Pecker Balloon Pack

  • Gummy Peckers

  • Dicky Sipper Straws

  • Pin The Man on the Macho

  • That Guy Game

They have over 250 items on their site so there is more than enough to select from!

Dressing Sexy
One bachelorette party, all of the girls dresses in black while the bride dressed in white with a white boa! It was a great time and we all looked great! All the guys turned their heads as we walked by which made for a really fun evening! Dress to impress with all your girls and choose a theme which makes it that much more fun!

Suck For A Buck T-Shirt - Create a suck for a buck t-shirt for the bachelorette. One of the classic games to play at Bachelorette parties. Create a Shirt with the words across the stomach that say "Suck For A $." Sew (or lick and stick) lifesavers throughout the shirt in "strategic" locations. During the night of the Bachelorette party, solicit men/boys/victims to pay to suck off one of the lifesavers. IMPORTANT TIP: Make sure to bring another shirt for the Bachelorette so she can change, in case the t-shirt rips or it gets too cold after you finish the game. If you are not into the suck for a buck game on a t-shirt, you can buy a candy necklace and have males pay to bite a candy off.

I hope these bachelorette party ideas are helpful and add some spice to your party. Please let us know some of your own bachelorette party wild ideas by emailing us here.

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