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There are so many bachelorette party ideas to choose from, I thought I would make it easier on you and list the most popular bachelorette party ideas. I have listed below the top bachelorette ideas which covers many different variables of a bachelorette party:

Top Place To Go
Las Vegas is the number one destination for an out of town bachelorette party!

Top Place In Town
Going to a restaurant with the girls, followed by an evening drinking at a bar (have a sober driver please) is the most popular in-town bachelorette party idea. Other ideas are to have the party at someone's house which can be fun if you are interested in the girls just interacting with the girls and not being social with an outside crowd that you would find at a bar.

Top Games To Play
Suck-4-A-Buck T-shirts are the #1 game played at a bachelorette party. The bride to be places a white shirt on that has "Suck-4-A-Buck" written on it as well as lifesavers that are stuck to the shirt (go ahead and lick them to stick them on!). Guys have to pay money to suck a lifesaver off the shirt. The closer a candy is to a sensitive part of the body, the more the guy has to pay :)

The second most favorite game to play is scavenger hunt where the bride has to do tasks set up by the bridesmaids prior to the party! Questions like "Kiss a guy who has the same name as the groom", "Ask for a Blow Job shot at a bar", "Get a guy's underwear"...

Top Bachelorette Party Supply
The most popular bachelorette party favor is the bridesmaid pecker veil. Brides actually have condoms and other funny adult related items on the veil that they wear out! This ring is the hot new item that all the girls use to find their group. It has 5 strobe multicolored lights that flash brightly in the ring, attracting attention to the crowd! A very cute bachelorette idea!

Top Bachelorette Entertainment
Of course the top entertainment for the wild girls are getting a male stripper. It is very important to make sure to go with a reputable company. For the more mellow girls, who would like to be pampered (like myself), a spa is a great way to all relax before the brides big day. This is a great way to sit and talk in at a spa. Get massages, saunas, and relax away all your stress!

Top Bachelorette Decorations
Nothing is better than decorating a room with phallic balloons. These flesh colored balloons have to be one of the funniest decorations. They can be found here. Another popular item for decoration is the Bachelorette Party John Doll. Blow him up and he makes the perfect conversation piece. He is a perfect man since he won't say a word, will listen to all your needs and you can deflate him when the night is over :)

Top Bachelorette Food
The Penis Pasta is a favorite food followed by Dicktacs and Adult Fortune Cookies. You can see these items here as well as make a cake in the form of a phallic object with the pecker cake pan :) Other bachelorette party food ideas include pecker cookie cutters, dickorice, adult saying candy and the newest of items, dickoronie and cheese :)

I hope these ideas are helpful. Check out our resources page for more ideas from other sites we recommend.

Bachelorette Party Ideas

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